Bridges and Dentures

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Bridges and Dentures

Bridges and dentures are two ways to restore a badly damaged tooth or even replace lost teeth. At Wildwood Dental Clinic, we’ll explore all the different options for you to get your smile looking it’s best.


If you are missing any of your teeth, you may notice your chewing or speaking aren’t the same. With dental bridges, artificial teeth can replace gaps and balance out these inconsistencies. We’ll restore your smile and bite with a dental bridge to match your other teeth beautifully. Call us at (306) 374-7272 or email us today.


It’s amazing all the things we need our teeth for; smiling, talking, chewing, and facial support. When your natural teeth have come out for good, dentures fill the role your natural teeth once had. At Wildwood Dental Clinic, we’ll help you with all the questions you might have like:

  • What do dentures feel like?
  • Will dentures make me look different?
  • How long should I wear them?
  • Is there any special care required with wearing dentures?

We’re here to help make your transition comfortable and informative along the way, so start asking all the question you have in mind today. Call us at (306) 374-7272.