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Our Wildwood Dental Clinic Saskatoon dental fillings services provide several different types of fillings that can be used to fill a cavity. We’ll be there to explain all your options. You get to decide which type of filling fits for you. We’re here to help guide the process for you and recommend the best solution with all the new options available, as well as the tested and true ways as well.

Here’s a quick overview of how most dental fillings are:

The first way is by a Direct Filling. These go right into the cavity, after we clean out the decayed portion of your tooth. From there, we can use amalgam (silver) fillings or plastic (white) fillings. Both of these types harden quickly and usually you can have a direct filling put in place in one appointment.

The second way is an Indirect Filling. This is what is meant by crowns (or caps) and inlays. They are custom made in our lab to fit your tooth precisely. Most of these indirect fillings take two or more appointments to complete. Check out more information on our dental crowns page.